Oak Island – Below the Garden Shaft

Season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island continues to show new discoveries and theories as they near the season finale. They continue to wander over the island as they investigate the mystery.

This week on Oak Island they started by showing the completed rehabilitation of the Garden Shaft and the start of probe drilling.

The team members who were in Italy gave a report on their trip and shared some interesting parallels.

The also showed the progress of uncovering the stone ramp in the swamp.

In the swamp they have possibly found the edges of the stone ramp. While metal detecting they found a large door handle in the soil that was removed.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?Of course, one thing to remember is that the dig season is already over. They have taken the time to determine how to present things each week to build suspense and keep viewers tuned in.

oak Island, Money Pit, Mahone BayOn Lot 5 they continued to investigate the circular stone structure. They found some pottery from the 1700’s and have also found that the stone structure is larger than previously thought. They also made a connection to the Hatch and the Hole below the Hatch from Zena’s map. Is this the mysterious hole on the map?

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

The lead token (hem weight?) was analyzed and is isotopically similar to the lead cross. Where they deposited in the same time period? Was the same batch of lead used to make both the cross and the token? Many lead items are made from lead scraps or are reused to make other items. To me, this means simply that the lead is originally from the same region. However, the items may have been made at different times, and at different locations.

oak island, curse of oak lsland, satellite, money pit

In the Garden Shaft, while drilling a probe hole, they have possibly found a tunnel running below the bottom of the shaft. A casing was put down the probe hole and a camera was dropped down to take a look. They could see possible wood fragments at the bottom so they stabilized the hole and continued to drill the probe hole.

They were using only a four inch bit and it was unable to break through the obstruction at the bottom of the hole. The casing will be removed and a larger bit used to try and break through.

When they brought the drill bit up, they did find a small piece of wood that will be carbon dated.

In the preview of the next episode, which will be the Season Finale, they showed the circular structure and there was some more dialog about it possibly being the Hatch from Zena’s old treasure map. They showed them digging in the center of the structure and finding a spot that sounded hollow below.

They also showed more work at the bottom of the Garden Shaft, including some metal detection where a non-ferrous signal was heard. Is it Gold? The water composition data shows that they may be only 15 feet from a massive treasure.

With only the season finale left it will be interesting to see how they wrap things up. Will there be another season? Or will it end with the mystery ‘solved’ but no treasure? Will there be a major cliff hanger that builds excitement for another season?


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2 Responses to Oak Island – Below the Garden Shaft

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve read that the Laginas are back on Oak Island for what will be Season 11, and supposedly drilling again over around the Money Pit area, so I’m not expecting good results from the finale down in the Garden Shaft.

    • vanbraman says:

      It was late in the season when they reached the bottom of the Garden Shaft, so most likely they started the new season trying to pinpoint where to sink a larger bore hole. Or perhaps they go for a larger shaft once they pinpoint a center of interest.

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