Rainy Commute

Today my commute back and forth to work was all in the rain.

It was a miserable drive both ways.

Windshield Wipers, Altamont, commuteAt least the way to work was in the daylight and I made it home before dark. It is not fun to drive in the rain when it is dark.

Altamont Pass, Fog, Foggy CommuteIt was not foggy like in this picture but the visibility was about the same with the heavy rain as I headed over the Altamont Pass.

Rainy Commute, Commute, Spring RainThis was a picture from years past, but it was similar to today on the way to work. Even though I went to the office in the middle of the day the traffic was still heavy.

I was dreading the drive home this afternoon because it had been raining most of the day and it was raining pretty hard.

Double Rainbow - Reflection and Refraction - Water droplets - Rainbow PromiseIt would have been nice to see something like this on the way home, but there were no gaps in the rain for the sun to shine through for rainbows.

Mountain House, Thunderstorm, Falling Rain, California ThunderstormThere was not even enough visibility to see something like this, just more and more rain.

The road was very wet and in many places the rain was slow to run off of the interstate. You could constantly hear the tires making the way through standing water in the low spots.

As I got closer to home there was flooding in some low places along the way, and even on the road along the edges of the road leading  into town. It was definitely time to slow down.

The storm has still been raging this evening with sounds of the high winds as they buffet the trees and send falling rain against the windows and other parts of the house.

My marathon commute home took an hour and a half tonight. At least it wasn’t too dangerous since traffic was moving slowly. It would have been dangerous with light traffic with crazy people trying to drive too fast for the conditions.

It is supposed to rain for the next five days so we are under a flood watch again.

Hopefully I can work from home early next week.


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