Virtual Hike to Eden, Vermont

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Eden, Vermont.

The previous destination on my virtual hike was Barton, Vermont.

The virtual hike from Barton to Eden went through the foothills of the Green Mountains in Northern Vermont.

Eden Vermont, Virtual Hike, Green Mountains, country roads, There were warnings in Google Maps that some of the roads were closed in wintertime and you can see here that the roads are narrow and don’t have a good surface.

Eden Vermont, Virtual Hike, Green Mountains, country roads, Could you imagine these roads in the wintertime?

Eden Vermont, Virtual Hike, Green Mountains, country roads, The route was also very scenic as it went through rural areas. There were also some small populated areas that it went through.

I finally made it to Eden after passing by another large lake, Eden Lake. However, you were not able to see the lake from the road as there were trees blocking the view.

Eden Vermont, Virtual Hike, Green Mountains, country roads, Eden is a township of a little more than 1,000 people. Most of this is rural, but there is a small concentration of homes and businesses near the Eden General Store.

I have been setting shorter distances between destinations for better motivation for my daily walking and so far it has been working. I have been walking more each day and have made good progress on my Virtual Hike. I am still a few stops behind on my posts.

Next up is to continue across Vermont to New York, before heading down through the Hudson River Valley. I was going to head straight across the state, but am going to make a short detour to the south to virtually visit a site that brings back some good memories.

Once I am in New York there will be an interesting literary stop before heading south.


Images in this post are from Google Maps and Street View.

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  1. Natives News says:

    Vermont is exquisite.

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