Finally Election Time

Tomorrow is Election Day in California.

California Voter Information Guide, Daylight Saving Time, Voting, Prop 7I am glad that Election Day is finally here. I am tired of the barrage of mail, phone calls and commercials. Not to mention the signs cluttering yards, fences and sides of the roads.

Election material, Sample Ballot, Election Information, Candidate MailersThis is from years ago, but is illustrative of the amount of mail that comes before election time, and this was just for a primary election.

Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionEveryone in California is sent a ballot, but I have not sent it in as I will go and vote in person in the morning.

I will not be using an old voting machine like the one above, but will probably just be filling out a scannable form or using a touch screen.

There are as usual a large number of propositions on the ballot this year in California. Including some of the same ones we had last time. They change the wording a bit and try to get people to finally vote for something as they continue to wear down resistance to something controversial.

There is so much deception in the commercials this year and it is hard to separate out the truth about the candidates or issues.

Polling Place, bilingual election sign, no electioneering, election dayI had to check and see where I vote this year. As I was out walking tonight I was remembering the different places I have voted at in the last 20 years. The first place here in California was in a garage about a block away. It was very convenient. Since then the location has changed at least five or six times and this year it is back at an older location.

I Voted Sticker, Vote Sticker, Flag StickerTomorrow the voting will be over, but all the returns will not come in for several days as those voting by mail just have to have their ballot postmarked by election day.

Will we know the results tomorrow night, or will this drag out all week?


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