Election Memories VI

Today is Election Day and of course that brought back memories of past elections. It is an election that I am glad that is over, although we are still waiting on the outcome.

Unfortunately we are living in an increasingly polarized society and it is hurting our country and our relationships with each other.

I am a bit tired tonight after a long day of work and a board meeting for a charity I work with. So, a rework of a previous Election Memories along with some new content is what you will see tonight.Left or Right - Vote RightIn 1966 my father was the American Independent candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives. I found it interesting to review the leaflet that he used for the campaign. There are several items in the leaflet that make me think of the present. Not much has changed in some respects. Sometimes just the terms have changed. The basic ideas and issues have remained the same.

On the front of the leaflet is an illustration contrasting the Left and the Right. With a few changes in terms, the same illustration could be used today.

Has politics changed much in the last 54 years?

We are passionate about very similar issues today.

Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionOne of my earliest memories is walking down to Evans Junior High School in Ottumwa with my parents and standing in the voting booth while they voted. I remember them using a voting machine similar to what is in the picture above.

For more about this voting machine, look at my post: Old Voting Machine

Wapello County Court House, Ottumwa, Iowa - Chief Wapello - Statue - Native American StatueI also remember going with my Dad one election night to the Ottumwa Court House to watcj the election results come in. I remember them writing the results on a chalk board.

For those of my readers who have ties to Ottumwa, I am sure you have memories of driving past and seeing Chief Wapello on top of the building.

Click on Chief Wapello to learn more about him.

I remember helping my Dad make campaign material and even going with him to record a radio spot.

One of the things I remember is making side boards to mount on the bed of our old blue truck. I also had my wagon decked out with some campaign material.

I also remember listening to election results come in on the radio with my Dad. I grew up without TV, so we listed to the news on the radio.

Election Stickers, I voted, primary election, electionsToday I went to vote and was able to add another sticker to my collection. Since I only vote once per election it has taken some time to acquire these. There are a few more now since this picture was taken.

Kansas City Star, November 1988, Bush Election, ElectionsI am also having memories of a post I wrote, Getting Votes the Old-Fashioned Way, about my experience working as a volunteer on a presidential campaign.

I even had my picture on the front page of The Kansas City Star.

Another memory is of delivering campaign leaflets to homes around our small town, and a trip to the State Capitol to see the inauguration of a Governor.

Tomorrow is another day and I will not be missing the annoying political ads on TV, the phone calls for candidates or issues and the many mailers littering my mailbox.

Did you vote?


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