Top Ten Oak Island Episodes

As the season premier of The Curse of Oak Island approaches they have been showing some Top Ten episodes.

It is interesting to watch these episodes and see how they have been re-interpreting some of the finds over the years. As everyone who follows the show knows, they are constantly looking back at old discoveries to see if they fit the newest theories.Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?It is only two weeks now until the season premier and it is getting interesting.

So far I have seen a few Top Ten episodes:

Top Ten Finds

Top Ten Templar Finds

Top Ten Swamp Revelations

Top Ten Portuguese Connections

This seems to be the theory they are focusing on now.

Top Ten Money Pit Discoveries

This one shows tonight so I haven’t seen it yet.

Oak Island, treasure, Randal SullivanI looked at the TV schedule and there is nothing new for next week, just some reruns from Season 9. We have to remember a big news event is happening next Tuesday. Also, they will have a Season 9 marathon on the History Channel on the 14th and 15th.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaA episode of Digging Down is scheduled just before the season premier on November 15th that is titled The Game is Afoot. It will be interesting to see what hints they will show from later in the season.

We have to remember that the dig season is already over as we start to see the results from this year.

In the trailer for Season 10 they showed some images from 10x so it looks like they will be revisiting it. There are some interesting images in the trailer.

Only two more weeks to wait now for the first episode On Their Marks.

What will they find this year?


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