Halloween Decorations

Tonight I went out for a walk to look at the neighborhood Halloween decorations.

Long ago we only saw lights and yard displays for Christmas. However, today we see displays for more and more holidays. This year there were not as many decorations as two years ago. Perhaps people had more time during the pandemic so spent it decorating.

The decorations here are from two years ago.

halloween decorations, holiday lights, ghostsIn this yard there were quite a few decorations. Some are subtle like the eyes in the window. It is also interesting that there are jack-o-lanterns, but only fake ones.

holloween decorations, halloween lights, batsHere a light machine was projecting bats on the wall of a house. Of course bats are usually black, but then they would be hard to see.

Have you noticed that there are not as many bats in Halloween advertisements and candy packaging now? Bats have a bit of a bad name now because of the viruses coming from bats.

Halloween, skeleton display, skeleton windowI really like this skeleton in a window that is lit up with an orange light.

halloween displayLook at the size of this Halloween Pumpkin man.

halloween display, grave stones, orange, lightsHere we have a spooky graveyard, but what I really like is the orange hues in the picture.

Archaeologist, Halloween Costume, TrowelWe did have a lot of people dressed up at work today. I even dressed up, but repeated one of my old costumes. Can I really call it a costume? When I go on an archaeological dig this is simply work clothes.


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