Thinking of England

Today I have been thinking about trips I have taken to England. Mainly because I have two students who came from England for the course.

Worksop Priory, Worksop, Anglican, Worksop EnglandOne of the students has lived in different places throughout England. I decided to see if he knew where one of towns was that I visited. It is a bit out of the way and is not a large place. When I asked him if he knew where Worksop was, he said that that was where he was born and that he still has family living there.

Richard Barnard, Worksop, Vicar, 1601The Worksop Priory is where my 11th great grandfather Richard Barnard was a vicar in the early 1600’s and is not far from Scrooby where the Pilgrims came from.

Christ's College, Cambridge University, Richard Bernerd, Great Gate, St. Andrews StreetI also thought of when I visited Christ’s College in Cambridge where he went to school in the late 1500’s.

Christ's College, Cambridge University, Christ's College Chapel, Richard BernerdVisiting the chapel there was a neat experience, as he probably spent quite a bit of time there during his schooling.

Pembroke College, Cambridge University, Roger WilliamsI also thought of Pembroke College where Richard’s future son-in-law Roger Williams went to school years later. There is an interesting story as to how Roger met his daughter Mary and how Roger along with Mary fled for his life to Massachusetts Colony in 1630. It was not the only time that Roger Williams would flee for his life.


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  1. Julie says:

    What a timely post for me! I was quite taken aback by the mention of Scrooby and your connection to Roger Williams as I just finished reading Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick last night (which I found fascinating). I enjoy your posts, Steven, thank you!

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