National Grandparents Day – 2022 – Belated

Tonight I was looking at my calendar and noticed that I had missed National Grandparents Day which is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day.

So, here are some of my favorite pictures of each of my Grandparents.

Grandpa, Gary and I - Full White Beard - Old TruckHere is my Grandpa Braman with my little brother and I.

Grandma High School Picture - Agnes Van DuzorHere is my favorite picture of my Grandma Braman from when she was in high school.

Grandpa - High School Graduation - Family PicturesHere is my Grandpa Yoder when he was in high school.

Grandma - Remembering Grandma - Nurse - MemoriesHere is my favorite picture of my Grandma Yoder.

All four grandparents, parents wedding, Frytown IowaFinally  we have a picture that has all four of my grandparents in it. You can probably figure out what the occasion was 🙂


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