Virtual Hike to Ashland, Maine

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Ashland, Maine.

The previous destination on my virtual hike was Carlingford, New Brunswick.

Virtual Hike, Maine, New Brunswick, Ashland, MaineThe virtual hike from Carlingford to Ashland was through flatter areas that I had previously been virtually hiking through.

Maine Border Crossing, Fort Fairfiend, Virtual HikeWith this segment of the Virtual Hike I crossed over the border from New Brunswick into Maine. It is good to be back in the USA on my Virtual Hike.

Amish, Maine, New Brunswick, Swartzentruber AmishIn the area just before the border I passed through the Amish settlement of Carlingford and just shortly after passed into the New Fairfield Amish settlement. This is interesting as the Amish Bishop serves both settlements and is the only one who serves settlements in two different countries.

The Amish settlements are both Swartzentruber Amish which is the most conservative group of Amish.

Amish, Maine, New Brunswick, Swartzentruber AmishHere is a typical view of an Amish farm on washing day. Look at the huge clothes line.

Both of these pictures are from the Maine settlement as the Google Street View images on the Canadian side were taken before the Amish settled there.

Amish, Maine, New Brunswick, Swartzentruber AmishI also was able to find a view of some horse drawn implements used in farming.

Post office, Ashland Maine, Virtual Hike, Back in USAFrom the Amish settlements I continued on to Ashland, Maine. I don’t think it is a mystery as to why I chose Ashland, Maine as a stop on the Virtual Hike. Here is the post office there.

I have been setting shorter distances between destinations for better motivation for my daily walking and so far it has been working. I have been walking more each day. However, the next segment is a bit longer than the last few. Communities are few and far between in northern Maine.

My current plan is to make my way toward northern New York through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Perhaps I will find some interesting stops along the way.


Images in this post are from Google Maps and Street View.

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