Remembering the Queen

Today is a sad day with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

She has been the Queen of England for my whole life. Both of my Grandmothers saved newspaper clippings about the queen and I am fortunate to have some of them that my Grandma Braman saved in her scrapbooks. My Mom and Dad were both in their early teens when Elizabeth became queen and have some memories of the transition.

My first memories of Queen Elizabeth II come from my stamp collection. I remember the many countries that had her picture on their stamps. Later as I started to travel the world she would show up on their coins and currency.

Perhaps in a future post I will share some of the stamps, coins and bills that I have.

For now I will share some of the clippings from my Grandma’s scrapbooks.

Queen Elizabeth II - Queen's Baby Picture - Elizabeth II as baby - Princess ElizabethHere is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II as a baby.

Prince Andrew - 1962 - Queen Elizabeth - Baby Picture of PrinceThe picture of her as a baby was in an article about the birth of Prince Andrew, and here we see her as a young woman.

HMY Britannia - Royal Yaught - 1959 Royal Tour of Canada - Queen ElizabethMy Grandma also saved an article about a Royal Tour that was made of Canada in 1959Queen Elizabeth - Prince Phillip - Queen's Birthday - Western Australia - Royal CoupleWhat a handsome couple Queen Elizabeth II and Philip were then.

Buckingham Palace - Prince William and Kate - Royal Baby - GenealogyI also have good memories of my first trip to London and seeing Buckingham Palace. This will be a very busy place in the days ahead as England mourns the death of their Queen.

A lot of memories today as the networks air different shows about her life of service to her country.



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