Pretty Food

Tonight I have been watching the finale of Master Chef, and that has me thinking of pretty food.

We eat with out eyes, so it is always nice to see pretty food.

Japanese Salad - Fish Rose - Small Dishes - Japanese CuisineHere is a pretty little Japanese salad with fish roe.

Pulled Pork Plate, BBQ, Sweet Potato Fries, Cornbread, Apricot BBQHere is pretty plate of pulled pork.

Kartoffel House, pork, potatoes, german cuisine, pinappleHere is some Pork Hawaiian at the Kartoffel Haus in Jena, Germany.

Massamum Beef Curry - Go Hun Thai Food - Turmeric Curry - Australian Thai FoodA pretty dish of Massamuan Beef Curry in North Ryde, AustraliaOpen Faced Turkey Sandwich, Thanksgiving, Red Tractor Cafe, Comfort FoodA nice open faced turkey sandwich at the Red Tractor Cafe. Unfortunately this cafe is no longer open.

Just a few pretty dishes. Back to the show to find out who wins.

Except the Master Chef finale is a two part program and they left it on a cliffhanger. Next week I will be ready to see how it ends and who wins.


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