Cooler Days Ahead

After nine straight days of 100+ degree weather, cooler days are ahead.

The forecast for tomorrow is for only 90 degrees.

Blanket sign, wedding, cold weddingIt is not time to pull out the blankets, but it is nice to see cooler weather.

Paradise Bay Antarctica, Antarctic Cruise, clean air, cold air, furthest southThere will not be any ice forming, but it will be cooler compared to the first part of the month.

Iced Tea, Lunch, BBQ, Cuisine, Food, DrinksIt is still time for cold drinks to keep hydrated and cool.

Strawberry Ice Cream - Dessert - Fresh Strawberry - Ice Cream - Cookies - DessertIt will still be time to enjoy some nice ice cream.

unmown yard, cooler weather, mowing yardOr maybe just go outside without wanting to come back in right away.

Or maybe just to take a walk without getting too sweaty.


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