Running Memories

After a long day in the classroom I came home to watch more of the Track and Field World Championship in Eugene, Oregon.

Since I have to be up early tomorrow to head into the office to teach my class and I spent most of the evening watch people run, I decided to share a post that I wrote eight years ago about some running memories.


Running Down Memory Lane

I know most people wander down memory lane, but today I was running down memory lane.

Track Banner - League Championship Banner - Ashland Kansas High School - MemoriesWhen I arrived home from work last night I went to pick up my mail and found a Priority Mail envelope waiting for me.

Track Banner - League Championship - Track and Field - Ashland High School - Iroquis LeagueI opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. A large object made out of blue and white cloth was inside.

Are you curious yet as to what it is? I knew that it was coming and have been eagerly watching for it in the mail.

A couple weeks ago I participated in a silent auction, and was able to buy this memory from my High School days. The auction was back in Kansas, but a classmate did the bidding for me. Thanks Garth!

The school was running out of space in the gym to hang all of our championship banners. They decided to consolidate similar championships and to make all new banners to honor the teams through the years. They then auctioned off the old banners to help raise money for the activities fund.

Iroquois League Champions - Track Banner - League Champion Banner - MemoriesI now have this really cool banner hanging on my wall. I helped win this championship when I was in High School. We had a really good track team that year as we won all but one meet during the regular season. I have many memories of that year and the friendships that I built with my team members.

Boys League Champions - Track Championship Patch - Letter Jacket PatchI also have the patch that we were given for winning the championship. I pulled my old letter jacket out of the closet and even more memories flooded back.

Letter Jacket - Block A - Ashland - Track and Field - Cross Country - BandI remember getting my letter jacket my Freshman Year.

I remember the new smell of the jacket. Luckily the jacket was a bit large as I had almost outgrown it by my Senior year. I remember wearing it at cold and windy track meets while waiting to run the half, mile, two mile or the two mile relay.

One of my best Track memories was qualifying for State with my two mile relay team and running my last High School race in the Wichita State University stadium.


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