Sunday Soup

It is Sunday night and I am thinking about soup, so thought I would share some soups I have had around the world.

Chinese Soup, Chicken Feet, Noodles, Chinese FoodI will start with a chicken foot soup that I had in China. Yum, but a little weird to have a chicken foot in my soup.

Soup Starter - Spanish Chicken Soup - Casa Avila - Mexico City - FlamencoHere is one of the best chicken soups that I have ever eaten. This was at a restaurant in Mexico City and they first brought out the bowl with just the dry ingredients and then added the broth at the table. This allowed the ingredients to preserve their texture.

Chinese Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, Chinese Cuisine, Dragon Pearl, TorontoHere is a nice hot and sour soup that I had at a large Asian food buffet in Toronto, Canada.

Fish Soup, Singapore, Local FoodHere is a nice fish soup that I had in Singapore.

Miso Soup, japanese soup, Yanagi Sushi, Japanese CuisineI will end with a basic miso soup from Japan. I am now hungry for soup and will have a nice miso soup for dinner.

Which of these soups would you want to enjoy?


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  1. Interesting options! I do love a good soup!

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