Go-Karts in Brazil

Twenty years ago I was teaching a class in Brazil. This was my first trip to Brazil and I have some good memories from that time.

brazil, students, memoriesI am thinking about Brazil tonight, as one of my students from that trip just started working for our US Field Service team this week. He had worked for a distributor in South America and the Caribbean and just recently immigrated to the US.

Go Kart Racing, Victory Stand, Brazil, SportsOne of the memories was standing atop a victory stand.

go karts, brazil, racingOn the last day of my trip I went Go-Kart racing with some of my students and colleagues. We had a lot of fun at the indoor track.

Go Kart Racing, Sao Paulo Brazil, Indoor Go Kart Track, SportsThis was a staged picture as I was not the winner of the competition. In fact, I came in dead last.

I did have a lot of fun though as it was the fastest go kart that I had ever driven. All of my colleagues had spent lots of time at the track so had a lot of experience.

Plus, my go kart had to carry a bit more weight than the rest of them đŸ™‚

For more about my first trip to Brazil, see my post Brazil Memories.


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