Thinking of Nando’s

Tonight I was thinking of Nando’s. Recently my grocery store started carrying Nando’s sauces and I bought a couple bottles.

Nandos, Nando's Sauces, Peri-Peri Sauce, Australia, Nando'sThe two available sauces were these two which I normally use when I eat at Nando’s.

1/4 Chicken at Nando's - Chicken and Chips - Peri Peri Sauce - Macquarie CentreTonight my dinner was not as good as what you see here. Instead I just baked a couple chicken breast tenderloins with a bit of seasoning. I then cut them into small chunks and dipped them in the medium sauce.

Half Chicken, Nando's, Clean Up Your Act, Hot and SpicyPerhaps next time I will try something a bit more ambitions. I probably won’t try to grill a half chicken, but perhaps I will marinate the chicken before cooking.

I may also make some fries as they are very good dipped in the peri-peri sauce.

nando's, Australia, North Ryde, Macquarie CentreWhat I would really like is to get a true Nando’s fix at one of the restaurants in Sydney where I can get some chicken ribs.

Nando's Chicken, Cambridge, UK, ChickenAnother place that would be nice to visit is this Nando’s in Cambridge, England.

I first experienced Nando’s just before 9/11 when I was in South Africa. Since that time I have eaten Nando’s in multiple places around the world.

Perhaps someday I will get to visit a Nando’s in the US. Nando’s does have restaurants in the Baltimore/DC and Chicago areas and they are slowly expanding to other areas. Virginia Beach and Houston have been announced as new locations that are coming soon.

I do know that the San Francisco Bay Area was being considered back when Nando’s chose Chicago as their second market, so perhaps they are still high on the list for expansion.


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