Pizza for Lunch

Today while having pizza for lunch with some friends I thought about one of my favorite pizza places.

It has been a long hot day and I decided to just share a post I wrote five years ago.


A quick post tonight as I have been watching a documentary on the History Channel.

I had pizza for lunch today so was thinking about one of my favorite Pizza places.

Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate area, pizza, foodIf you visit Jerusalem, you need to go eat pizza at Jacob’s Pizza.

Jacob's Pizza, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, non-kosher PizzaJacob’s Pizza is really easy to find. Above is a snip from Google Street View. Here you can see the Jaffa Gate and the side street that you need to go down to get to Jacob’s Pizza.

Bacon Pizza, Jacob's Pizza JerusalemAt Jacob’s Pizza you can get some great non-kosher pizza. That means that you can get both meat and cheese on the same pizza. When I visited there last month I had bacon pizza.

Imperial Hotel, Jerusalem, Jaffa GateAnother way to find Jacob’s Pizza is to find the Imperial Hotel. This is where we stayed on the weekends last year when I was in Israel for the dig at Lachish. If you go down the street to the left of the hotel you will find it.

Jacob's Pizza, Favorite Pizza, Jerusalem, Israel, non-kosher pizza, Imperial HotelDuring our second weekend we could look down on Jacob’s Pizza from our room.

Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem, Non-Kosher PizzaThis is always a nice sign to see if you are hungry for some great pizza after a week of food at the dig lodgings. It is also a good place to eat if you need a break from hotel buffets during a tour of the country.

Olive Pizza, Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem Pizza, Kosher PizzaNot all the pizza has meat. You can also get a very good olive pizza that is very traditional to Israel.

Jacob's Pizza, Dr. Pepper, Appian Media, BarryAnother unique thing about Jacob’s Pizza is that they have Tom and Jerry cartoons running on one of their TV’s at all times.

You can also get a Dr. Pepper there. This is a very uncommon drink in Israel. My friend Dan is in Israel with the Appian Media team and he was really excited to find it there.

Have you eaten at Jacob’s Pizza?




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