Time to Follow a Dig

It is dig season again in Israel and I am starting to see news and pictures from digs.

However, the dig I am most interested in starts this week.Lachish Israel, City Gates, Tel Lachish, ArchaeologyIn the years past I have dug at Lachish two times, and the archaeologist I dug with is digging there again this year.

Lachish, Tel Lachish, Late Bronze Canaanite Temple, Archaeology, InscriptionI have a few friends that will be digging there this year and I am looking forward to their posts and messages about what is happening.

Tel Lachish, Technology Break, Break from diggingIt would be nice to be there digging this year, but I am too busy getting caught up from the past two years. I will also miss the time spent together with people who are interested in some of the same things.

Eating Watermelon, Watermelon Break, Archaeology, Lachish, Israel, DigI will miss watermelon break. Perhaps I will buy a watermelon and have watermelon break at home.

Tel Lachish, Archaeological Dig, Equipment Shed, Morning at the digI will not miss having to get up early in the morning and climbing the tell in the dark. However, it was necessary to work in the cool morning before the heat of day. I may empathize  with them by getting up and taking walks in the cool morning  before the high temperatures here.

It would also just be nice to visit Lachish again as they have done a lot of work improving access and information for visitors.

What will they find at Lachish this year? I look forward to finding out.


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