Father’s Day Weekend 2022

Happy Father’s Day to my Father.

In a previous post about Mother’s Day I mentioned that Anna Jarvis celebrated the first one a little over a 100 years ago. The next year Sonora Smart Dodd heard a sermon about Anna Jarvis and Mother’s Day and decided to create a day to also honor fathers. Father’s Day did not initially become a national holiday like Mother’s Day. Father’s Day did not become a permanent national holiday until 1972 when Richard Nixon signed it into law.

The spelling of the holiday gives the intent of the holiday. It is officially Father’s Day. This means that the day belongs to a father. The holiday is intended for a family to honor their own father.

Father's Day - My Father and Me - Holiday - Honoring FathersHere is a picture of me with my father shortly after I was born.

Wasn’t I such a cute little baby? Oh wait, this is about my Father. Doesn’t my Father look so proud holding his sweet little baby :-). This was taken at the farm we lived at near Wellman, Iowa. I am the only one of my siblings who was born when we lived on the farm. The others are all city kids ;-).

Dad and Me - Father's Day - Ottumwa, Iowa - Family sitting on treeHere is a picture from a year or so later when we had moved to the big city of Ottumwa, Iowa. Here I am sitting with my father on a tree that he had cut down and was getting ready to cut into smaller pieces.

I learned so many things from my father about how to work with tools and also an understanding of mechanical principles. This knowledge comes in handy in my work today.

Father's Day - Dad the Jungle Gym - Honoring FathersWhile looking for the pictures of my father, I also saw this one. Here my father is acting as a jungle gym for my two sisters. This was in our kitchen in Iowa and just seeing this picture brings back some memories. Especially the hot-wheel track hanging on the wall by the door. Does anyone want to guess what it was used for?

I hope that all of my friends have a great Father’s day as they honor their Fathers or are honored as a Father.


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