Family History Gaps

Tonight I started to work on a blog post about someone who my ancestors lived near in Wisconsin.

Old Barn, Rome Wisconsin, Orsamus Braman, Family HistoryInstead, I started to follow some branches of my family that I have not done much research on.

There are several reasons why we do not know as much about the extended Braman family.

Rome Wisconsin, Cemetery, Family History, GeneaologyThe first is that my 3rd Great Grandfather Isaac Braman died when my 2nd Great Grandfather was only about two years old. His window remarried and they moved from Rome, Wisconsin to Iowa. They probably had very little contact with any of the Braman family after that point.

Isaac Braman Tombstone, Rome Wisconsin, 1826-1860I have researched some of the descendants of Isaac’s siblings, but not extensively. There are a few interesting things I have found out, and I need to of course do more research. I have also in the past received information from other Braman descendants.

Orsamus Braman, Tombstone, Cemetery, Rome Wisconsin, GenealogyThe grave of my 4th Great Grandfather Orsamus Braman is badly damaged, but I did get a picture of it. I actually have a nice description of him that I have written about before. See: Ancestor Description

Great Grandpa Braman - Wedding Picture 1911 - Ford Motor Company - Old Wedding PicturesAnother gap is that my Great Grandmother Braman died when my Grandfather Braman was only ten years old and he went to live with her parents. His father was not around much and many family stories were not passed down during this generation. It is interesting to try and reconstruct family history by searching through public records.

I have found some interesting cousins who were involved in politics, the military or science and someday will share some of what I have found out.

I am thankful for branches of the family where memories were handed down.




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