Teaching Virtually in the Future

Last night I was teaching today. While teaching a train the trainer course it was Wednesday night for me while my student was sitting in a hotel room in India on Thursday morning.

The Dominion, Bangalore, Trip to IndiaTeaching in the future is happening more often for me as we have been increasing the amount of virtual training we provide.

Bangalore, India, Farthest Distance from home?Next week this will happen again as I qualify another trainer  in India to teach an updated course.

I though I would show on a map how far away our office is. The office is almost 9,000 miles away.

South Indian Thali, Indian Food, Sri Ananda Bhavan, Pleasanton, CaliforniaUnfortunately I wasn’t able to go out for lunch with my student, but did think of some great food that I have eaten in India.

Manipal County, Bangalore India, Resort, Tropical ResortDuring the training I also thought of some of the places we have held classes before in India, and how times have changed when it comes to training.

I thought about how training in the future will be. As technology changes we are able to implement innovative training methods to further reduce the need for in person training, or shorten the time needed.

However, there are many challenges in global training, especially because of differences in time zones.

Bangalore, India, Swimming Pool, TropicalNow back to tonight. Even though I was teaching until late in the night, I still went into the office today for a meeting and now I am very tired. I have a bit of jet lag without the flight.


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