What to Post on Tuesday

For the last several months Tuesday was Oak Island night on the blog. With the season over I have to find something else both to watch on TV and to blog about.

The last two weeks I have watched Holey Moley and The Chase, which really don’t give me inspiration for a blog post.

ankerstein, building blocks, lego alternative, stacking stones, beer hallI thought about writing something about Ankerstein.

Newbery Books, Newbery Honor Books, Newbery Challenge, Library BooksMaybe something about books.

agapanthus, flowers, spring, bloomingMaybe about the first agapanthus scape of the year, but it hasn’t appeared yet. It is usually this week that it will appear. Perhaps after a few hot days I will see one soon.

Roses, tall roses, eaves, Mr. Lincoln RosesMy roses are not quite in the eaves yet. This picture is from a few years ago. You can tell because it was before my house was painted.

May 15 eclipse, lunar eclipse, cloudyI already wrote a post about the eclipse. See: Partly cloudy Eclipse

So I really can’t come up with something to post about tonight.


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