Thinking of Milan

Last night as the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympics drew to a close I thought about some trips that I have taken to Milan, Italy which will be the co-host of the next Winter Olympics.

They showed a video of scenes from Milan and Italy and I thought about places that I had visited during my trips there.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralThe Milan Duomo is one of the iconic views in the city.

Milan Duomo 2006, RestorationDuring my first trips to Milan the facade of the Duomo was covered up as it was under restoration, but during a later trip I had a great view as shown in the first picture.

Milan, Italy, Duomo, Square, PatternsI also had a great view of the square in front of the Duomo during my second trip as I took a tour of the rooftop of the Duomo.

Milan, Duomo, Church, Roof, spires, itlayThe views from the roof of the Duomo were amazing. There were multiple views of the Duomo in the preview of Milan they showed at the closing ceremony.

Milan shopping center, duomo square, ItalyThey also showed views of this shopping center that opens onto the Duomo Square.

2006 Winter Olympics - Turino - Italy - Milan Italy 2006 OlympicsMy second trip to Milan was during the 2006 Winter Olympics and since Milan is not far from Turin there were many people sightseeing between the competitions. Here is a view of Duomo Square with one of the Russian athletes taking pictures.

So many memories have flooded back, especially as I searched for a few pictures to share of Milan. I discovered that I have not shared much about my trips to Milan, I may have to write some more posts about Milan.


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