Thoughts about the Weekend

This weekend is a time when we think about our Presidents. However, by law there is technically only one President that is honored on what is often referred to as President’s Day. The observance Monday is officially still known as Washington’s Birthday in most of the country.

Click on President’s, Presidents’ or Presidents to see what I wrote years ago concerning what the day is known as. George Washington, Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, HolidayHere is a collage of images from the life of George Washington.

Frank Andrea Miller Cartoon - General George Washington - Washington's Birthday - Valley ForgeMy family has an interesting connection to George Washington. One of my ancestors served with George Washington in the vestry of the Truro Parish church in Virginia.

See: Serving with Washington and They Lived Near: George Washington

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesLincoln’s Birthday was observed last Monday so I am OK with this weekend being called President’s Day Weekend as it occurs between the two observances.

See also this link for a connection to Lincoln: They Lived Near: Abraham Lincoln

Marx President Figurines - Washington to Johnson - President's Day - Figurines - Grocery PromotionThere are of course a lot of other Presidents for us to remember. Some of them we remember well and know a lot about and others are more obscure.

One of my future reading challenges may be to read a biography of each of the Presidents. I have been thinking about the parameters of the challenge for quire some time, but have never started it. Here are some of the possible parameters:

  • Read in order of when they served
  • Pulitzer for Biography winner if possible
  • One that I haven’t read before
  • Scholarly and not popular if possible
  • Balanced and not skewed to left or right (especially for last 50 years)

Ancestors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts - Harrison Ancestry - Pawn StarsI am also distantly related to some of the Presidents, but most of the common ancestors are back in the 1600 or 1700’s. I want to learn more about some of these shared ancestors.

Take some time this weekend to remember our Presidents.


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