Beijing Memories

With the Winter Olympics now in progress I have been thinking back to October 2001 when I visited a customer in Beijing. I had been teaching a course in Shanghai and the Service Manager wanted me to visit an important customer in Beijing while I was in China. I was able to fly up to Beijing on Friday afternoon and spend some time visiting historic sites and museums on the weekend before visiting the customer.

Great Wall of China, Badaling, Braman's WanderingsThe pictures were all taken with an early digital camera that saved pictures on floppy disks, so they were  not the best quality. You can also tell how long ago these pictures were taken as I look much younger in this picture taken at the Great Wall.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China, Memories, Early DigitalAnother place I was able to visit was the Forbidden City. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. Despite the rain and cold, I really enjoyed seeing the magnificent palace complex.

Zhengyangmen, tiananmen square, Beijing, China, historyWe also visited Tiananmen square where so many historic events have taken place.

Child with head poked in an opening of the Great Wall of China at Badaling.I have to also include this picture that I took at the Great Wall. It is so interesting to see what fascinates children when they visit a tourist spot.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China, Memories, Early DigitalI found another picture of Qianqinggong or the Palace of Heavenly Purity. I still can remember walking up these historic steps.

Someday I would like to go back to Beijing and visit some of these places again.



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