Flew down Flue

Earlier this week I was looking through pictures and ran across a few interesting ones.

These pictures were taken a little more than 20 years ago when I lived in Missouri.

I had just returned from a long trip and the first time I used the bathroom had an interesting experience.

The toilet did not flush properly, and the water left in the fowl had a few small feathers floating in it.

toilet, plumbing, flue, bird, trip, dead birdI flushed several times and it just got worse, so I emptied the water tank and took the toilet apart.

As I turned the toilet over I saw something interesting. I saw the leg of a dead bird.

toilet, plumbing, flue, bird, trip, dead birdI then used a pair of pliers to remove the bird from the toilet.

toilet, plumbing, flue, bird, trip, dead birdHow did a bird end up in the drain of the toilet?

toilet, plumbing, flue, bird, trip, dead bird I then grabbed the dead bird with the pliers again and carried it outside. I had planned on putting it in the trash when the  next trash day came, but the next day it was gone.

I then put everything back together and the toilet worked properly so a call to a plumber was not needed.

It was quite an experience to come home to after a long trip.

I talked to my Dad and a few friends, and most likely this bird had flown down the flue pipe and had then scrambled up the drain pipe to the toilet and drowned in the.siphon.

This is not the only time I have had to remove a dead animal after a long trip. I once had to hunt for a dead mouse after returning home from a trip. I ended up having to take my stove apart to get to a mouse that had been electrocuted by gnawing on an electrical wire.


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