Toronto Korean Meal Memory

Tonight I ran across some pictures from a trip to Toronto almost 10 years ago.

My friend John took me to visit Chinatown and the area around the Ontario College of Art.

Toronto, sightseeing, downtown, friendsTwo of his kids went along with us as we saw the sights. It is interesting to see what they looked like 10 years ago. They are now grown up.

Toronto, korean food, cuisineThat evening we dined at a Korean Restaurant. This was 10 years ago, and I checked to see if I could find exactly where it was, and it is no longer open. Therefore, don’t try and find it to eat there 🙂

Toronto, korean food, cuisineWe had a wonderful meal there as they had some very nice banchan served along with the meal. Toronto, korean food, cuisineI had Donkkaseu (tonkatsu), which is one of my favorite dishes when I have Korean or Japanese food.

Toronto, korean food, cuisineOf course, I also enjoyed some kimchi. I really like this wonderful spicy side dish.

I am now hungry for Korean food.


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