Off to Brazil – Virtually

This week I am teaching a course in Brazil. However, it will not be in person,  but virtually.

As I prepare to start the course tomorrow, I have been thinking of my last trip there.

Last time I taught a course in Brazil I flew there the day before and was resting in my hotel room on Sunday night.

hotel room, ibis, brazil, bed, sleep, jet lagTonight I am getting ready to go to bed early at home as I have to be on-line at 5:30 in the morning to begin my class.Breakfast, Hotel, Ibis, Interlagos, BrazilIn the morning I will not have a nice breakfast cooked for me, but will have to get a quick bite before joining my students on-line.

buffet lunch, brazil, sao paulo, brazil cuisineI will also miss some nice lunches each day, but perhaps will take that time for a good breakfast.

Sao Paulo Trees, palm trees, winterI will also miss the nice walks to lunch and the area around the office.

More than anything, I will miss working directly with the students and showing them how to perform some of the adjustments that they will be making.

It is difficult to show students how to perform hands on procedures on-line.

However, I have a good co-teacher there who will demonstrate calibrations for me and make sure they are performing them correctly.


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