Darkening Commutes

As we get into November the commutes are getting darker and darker. I don’t like to drive to and from the office in the dark, but it must be done when teaching class during this time of year.

darkening sky, backset, moon, highwayIt is starting to get dark on the way home, and by the time I make it there darkness has fallen. Last week one of the days was cloudy and there was a nice reflection of the sunset. It looked like you were driving into the sunset, but it was the other way. There was almost a full moon also.

low lying fog, foggy, red sky, commute in the darkThe mornings have sometimes been foggy, early in the week you could not even see the houses here. Here you only see some of the low lying log and some color to the morning sky.

low lying fog, foggy, red sky, commute in the darkLuckily the traffic is not moving too fast in the fog. Most of the foggy areas are also where slow traffic usually is so it is a lot safer. We sometimes get very thick fog here in the Central Valley and it can be dangerous if people do not slow down.

Next week I will have a much shorter commute as I am teaching a virtual course in Brazil from home. However, it will be even darker as I start each morning at 5:30. My students will have much more daylight since they are in the southern hemisphere and spring is starting there.


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