Finally a Fill Up

Finally after almost 17 months I had to fill up Bluey. I was finally getting close to empty and was almost to the point where the car would force me to use gas anyway. I filled up almost two weeks ago, but have been posting about Japan during the Olympics.

ford fusion, hybrid, gas, fill upIt was weird to go to the gas station after so much time has passed. With Old Blue I was usually at the gas station four times a month when I was not traveling. However, with the combination of having a plug-in hybrid and not driving because of the pandemic it has been a long time.

plug in hybrid, car, gas, fill-upHere was the picture from the last time I filled up back in March of 2020. You can see that at that time I was averaging 103.1 MPG and when I filled up almost two weeks ago it was at 166.7 MPG. This is because I seldom took trips beyond the EV range of my car and also I can now charge up when I go to the office.

I drove Bluey 2443 miles between fill ups.

ford fusion, hybrid, gas, fill upIf I had not been charging the car, I would have to fill up after a little more than 600 miles.

ford fusion, hybrid, gas, fill upGas was definitely more expensive than the last time I filled up. When I filled up last March it was only 3.039 and this time is was 3.919. This week I have been seeing prices over $4 a fusion, hybrid, gas, fill upThe full tank did make it under $50, but just barely.

It will be interesting to see how long it will be before the next time I need to fill up with gas. I don’t think it will be 17 months. When we get back closer to normal, there are a few places I normally go each month that are outside of the EV range of Bluey.


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