Heading Home from the Olympics

As I watched the Closing Ceremonies from the Tokyo Olympics I thought about what the athletes may be going through on their way home. I have made the trip from Tokyo home a number of times over the years.

There are numerous ways to get from your hotel to the airport.

However, I am sure that the large Olympic teams are chartering buses, and that there are buses from the Olympic Village to the airports.

Limousine Bus, Narita Airport, Tokyo, New Otani, Long Day

Those athletes staying in hotels may be taking a Limousine Bus to the airport.

Limousine Bus, Haneda, Japan, Tokyo, Hotel Bus

The Limousine Buses are actually quite comfortable. This is especially nice if you are taking the long ride to the Narita Airport.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo Japan, Tokyo Airport, Narita Airport, Check in Facility

If you are going to the closer in Haneda Airport you can take public transit.

Tokyo Monorail, Tokyo, Haneda Airport, Airport Transportation

The last time I flew out of Haneda, I took two trains and then a monorail to get from my hotel to the airport.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, Busiest Airports, Airport Gate Sign

Of course, it is then time to find your gate and wait for boarding.

Boeing 787 - United Airlines 787 Interior - Economy Class on 787 - Luggage BinsThen it is time to board the plane and get ready to be home before you leave (courtesy of the International Date Line).

Hopefully the athletes are flying on a comfortable 787.

It is then time to sit back and enjoy the long flight toward home. Of course many athletes will have multiple flights to get back home as they scatter around the world after a great Olympics.

I have enjoyed the Olympic games, and am now looking forward to the Paralymics which are only a couple weeks away.




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