Almond Wood BBQ/Italian

Today for lunch I went with friends to Almond Wood BBQ.

patterson, almond wood, bbq, italianThe last time I ate at this restaurant it was know as Apricot Wood BBQ, and was much smaller. Since that time they have expanded into an adjacent space that had been an Italian restaurant.

almond wood bbq Italian, lasange, basilThe menu is now much larger and includes Italian dishes. I decided to try the lasagne.

almond wood bbg lasagne, pulled pork, italian foodThe lasagne was really good, especial since it included a layer of pulled pork. Definitely a nice fusion of Italian and BBQ.

leftovers, lasange, italian, almod woodThe portions were very generous and all of us took home a box of leftovers. This will be my lunch tomorrow.

leftover sauce, almond wood, bbq italianOf course, I also had to add the remaining sauce to the leftover box, but needed a spoon to make sure I could save it all.

This was my first meal in a restaurant since last February. The food was good, but even better was the company and conversation.


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