Noisy Nights

This past week we have had some noisy nights.

Tracy, California, Fireworks, Fourth of July, Independence DayShortly after sunset each night the booms begin. There are definitely some very large fireworks being set off.

Fireworks, four shells, purple, orange, Best Fireworks, Tracy, CaliforniaThese of course are illegal fireworks. The problems seems to be getting worse each year, and in reading the newspaper that is confirmed. This year there have already been a few arrests for people dealing in illegal fireworks.

Fireworks 2014, Tracy, California, Firework Lightning, Purple FireworksThis year it is worrisome as we have very hot and dry conditions.

Tracy Fireworks, 2017 fireworks, 4th of July, Independence DayAs the 4th of July gets closer I will make sure that I water my lawn almost every evening to make sure I am protected.

I hope the explosions do not go on all night. I want to get some sleep.

This last week was difficult as I had to go to bed early as I was virtually attending a course in Germany each morning.

Almost every night this last week I was woken up by numerous explosions.

There is a way to report illegal fireworks, but so far I am trying not to be a tattletale.


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