A Tower of Blocks

Tonight on LEGO Masters they had to build a tower so my thoughts wandered to a tower that I built with Ankerstein.

Ankerstein NF10 - Anchor Blocks - building Blocks - Stones - Architectural ToysThis tower is not as tall as what they built tonight as it is only built with with three boxes of Ankerstein? In the picture above you see the first three boxes in the series. Number 6 is the Basic Box and 6A and 8A are Extension Boxes. The 3 boxes together make up set number 10: 6+6A+8A=10

Ankerstein NF10 - Building Blocks - Manufactured stones - Anchor Stones - Boxes of BlocksOf course, I am sure that you wanted to see what was inside the boxes. Here are the three boxes without their covers. They are in order left to right.

You can see that each box adds new types of stones as well as simply adding more of the earlier stone types.

As you add more boxes the structures that you build become more complex.

Ankerstein Plan Book - Lookout Tower - NF 10 - Ankerstein - Anchor Blocks - StonesEach set of stones comes with plan books that show you how to build a structure using the stones in the boxes that make up the set. (6+6A+8A=10)

One of the plan books shows pictures of what the completed structure should look like, and the other is a layer plan.

The structure that I built is called Lookout Tower.

Lookout Tower - Ankerstein - NF10 - Anchor Blocks - Building with stonesHere is the completed structure. Can you imagine this structure just by looking at the stones in their boxes?

As you build a structure it slowly comes together as you add layer after layer of stones.

Ankerstein - Lookout Tower - NF10 - Anchor Stones - Building blocks - Building PlanHere is a nice view looking down on the roof.

This building was a bit of a challenge as you had to make sure you kept everything level. Especially as the top is wider than the bottom.

You may think that it is a shaky construction since the stones are simply stacked on top of each other. However, the weight of the stones above make for a solid base.

I don’t think that it would have survived the shake table they had on Lego Masters, but it would have done pretty well considering that it is not snapped together.

Ankerstein Castle, building blocks, stones, German ToysI have built some taller towers, but they are usually attached to a building. This one is built with set 24.

The tallest lighthouse that I have built is over 4 feet tall, but I don’t have time to look for the pictures tonight.


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2 Responses to A Tower of Blocks

  1. Betty says:

    These are beautiful! I was aware stones like this were available. I like dollhouses, so these appeal to me. Thanks for sharing!

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