Old to New

We are in the process of moving from our old building to our new one.

In some ways it is sad, as I have been working in the same building for more than 20 years. So many memories are flooding back as we get ready to move the final items.

packing, move, tools, supplies, parts, meters, trainingOne good thing about the move is that we are getting a bit more organized and getting rid of some things that we don’t need anymore. However, many of the things we don’t need anymore bring back memories.

bacon cheese burger, cafeteria, last mealThere have also been a series of last times. Yesterday I had my last meal from our cafeteria as it will be closing tomorrow and I have been teaching from home the rest of the week.

I have many memories of our cafeteria. I remember the different people who have worked there. I also remember many meals which I shared with a book, and others shared with colleagues.

We also had many company meetings and events in the cafeteria.

cubicle, moving, last view, memoriesMy cubicle has been empty for some time, but I have still been using it when coming into the office to pack up our training rooms. Yesterday I attended my last virtual meeting from the cubicle.

They are in the process of tearing down all the cubicles and it will be gone before my next trip to the building.

So, this was my last view of my spacious cubicle. So many memories of the many different places where I had a cubicle in our old building.

sculpture, sensor field, wind sculpture, overhead viewAfter finishing my move tasks I headed back over to our new building to finish a few more things.

While there, I was able to get an overhead picture of the Sensor Field sculpture.

It is probably good that I cannot see this from my workplace in the new building.  I would probably spend too much time watching it change with the wind.

charging station, plug-in hybrid, electric vehicleI could have done all my work yesterday from the old building, but I wanted to park at the new building. This is another great thing about our new building. I can charge my car while I work each day. I can most times make it to the office in the morning after charging at home and then make it home on the charge from work. There is a lot more downhill on the way home.

A lot of memories this week.



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