Sensor Field

Today at our new office I took a walk around the building exploring the landscape.

Ned Kahn, art, sensor, wind, environmentOne of the nice things is an art installation called Sensor Field, 2020.

Ned Kahn, art, sensor, wind, environmentThis is really hard to show in static pictures, but I found it very interesting. As the wind blows the art changes.

Ned Kahn, art, sensor, wind, environmentCan you tell here that the individual pieces rotate downward as the wind blows?

Ned Kahn, art, sensor, wind, environmentAs the wind blows you can see the direction and intensity by watching the sensor field. The same as sensors in technology let us know what is happening over an array of points.

Ned Kahn, art, sensor, wind, environmentYou can definitely see which way the wind is blowing and at what intensity. You can also see that the wind is not the same across the array.

Just as this piece by Ned Kahn helps make wind, which is invisible, visible. The many different types of sensors utilized by Zeiss products help doctors, scientists, engineers, manufacturers, artists, sportsmen and many others bring better visibility to what is around them as they make decisions that affect our lives.


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