Virtual Trip Cancelled

Tonight I am thinking about where I was virtually supposed to be next week.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralCan you tell where my virtual course was to take place?

Harry Potter, Italian, J.K. Rowling, Travel, booksPerhaps you can tell from a book that I bought during one of my actual trips there?

Lake Como, houses, shore, ItalyPerhaps you can tell from a trip I took on a weekend during one of my visits?

Salmon, Bistro, Come a Casa, MilanPerhaps a typical meal in a local restaurant will give a clue?

2006 Winter Olympics - Turino - Italy - Milan Italy 2006 OlympicsPerhaps if you already haven’t figured it out this picture I took in 2006 will help. This member of the Russian Winter Olympic team was sightseeing there during a break from competition.

Do you know where I was virtually supposed to be next week?

Now to figure out when to reschedule.



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1 Response to Virtual Trip Cancelled

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    My sympathies on the cancellation.

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