Some Sunsets

While looking for some pictures earlier today I ran into some of my favorite sunset pictures and have been thinking about them.

So, since they are wandering through my mind, I will share some with you tonight.

san francisco, sunset, united airlines, terminal

Sunset at the airport while waiting for a delayed flight to Omaha. The delays led me to renting a Ford Fusion instead of what I had scheduled. I now drive a Ford Fusion 🙂

Now that I am thinking about it, I have only made one other trip since this one.

Sunset, Reflected Sunset, California Sunset, California Aqueduct

A beautiful sunset reflected in a canal in California.

Sunset, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological Dig, Sunday Dig

A beautiful sunset after a hard day digging at Lachish, Israel.

Sunset Reflection, Central Valley, Red Sky, Sunset

A beautiful Central Valley sunset on a stormy night.

Mount Diablo Sunset, Tracy, California, Great ValleyA view of a sunset down the tracks toward Mt. Diablo.

Which of these sunsets is your favorite?


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