A Year Ago: A Walk around the Park

Tonight I looked to see what I wrote a year ago. What was the beginning of the pandemic like? How concerned were we with social distancing? You can see that we took it a lot more seriously in that first month.

Just as then, I don’t have my mile in for the day. I need to at least walk around the block.


Here is my post from a year ago.

This evening I looked at how far I had walked for the day and decided that I had to take a quick walk around the nearby park. I always make sure I get at least a mile in, which is a bit hard without leaving the house. Thankfully, taking a walk while practicing physical distancing is allowed.

scout nekerchief, mask, face covered, ready for walkI prepared by tying a scout neckerchief around my neck. I would be ready just in case I came close to others while out walking.

covid 19, park, tables, closedThe picnic area at the park was closed with yellow tape on the tables and signs in both English and Spanish.

slides, playground closed, covid 19, parkThe play area used to have tape closing things off, but someone removed all of it. Different thoughts ran through my head. Did parents let their little kids play anyway and just tell them to remove the tape? Did older kids or teenagers remove it as a prank? It is highly unlikely that the tape just blew off of the playground equipment.

bazebo, park closed, covid 19, yellow tapeEven the gazebo in the park is closed.

park notices, covid 19, shelter in placeThere are signs up in the park about what is closed and what you can do. The park is still open for “passive recreation” with social distancing. Walking, jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, etc.. are allowed.

I did see a few people in the park, but most of them were just out walking their dogs. I kept my distance.

It was good to get a little fresh air and exercise after all the rainy weather.


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