Lazy Weekend

I have had a lazy weekend while recovering from some side effects of my 2nd vaccination shot.

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationI received my second shot on Thursday and until Friday night only had a sore arm plus a bit of tiredness. However, on Friday night I had a slight fever and it came and went through the day on Saturday. Today I have still been tired, so have just taken it easy.

Taipei 101 - Taiwan - 2nd Tallest Building - Twilight PictureI have spent the time catching up on a show set in Taipei. It was very good, and of course I had to pay attention as I had to read the subtitles.

aphids, roses, lady bugs, cycle of life, rosesI did spend a little time in my rose garden, but not too much. Mainly just taking some pictures of all the aphids and lady bugs in different stages of life.

hobbies, ankerstein, box 6, jena germanyI did a little bit of building with Ankerstein, but much more complex than this.

zoom, communion, Lord's Supper, church, covid-19And of course, a couple Zoom services this morning with friends in Canada and my home congregation in California.

Now for some sleep before a busy week.


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