Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mother's Day - Mother and Baby - Mother's Day on the Farm - Wellman, IowaI hope you have a wonderful day on your birthday. I thought about this picture as I saw pictures of you holding your first great-grandchild this week.

mother and son, birthdays, familyOf course, with it being your birthday, it is also my little brother’s birthday. I can’t leave him out of this post.

See: Happy Birthday Little Brother

Now to decide what pictures to share.

tractor, farm, little girl, iowa farm I found a trio of pictures of you riding things, so thought I would share them.

Here is a picture of you riding a tractor.

I like your cute little bonnet. You look like you are ready to plow a field.

riding horse, little girl, farm, iowaI really like this picture of you on a horse. I can see you hanging onto the mane for dear life once the horse started moving.

Cow, farm, mom, little girl, IowaNow for a less common ride. The boys have you up on a calf.

Interesting things happen in the barnyards in Iowa.

Happy Birthday Mom!


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