Happy Birthday Little Brother

It is my littlest brother’s birthday so I thought I would share some pictures of him as I remember his birthday.

I had a little fun trying to find the right pictures. Do I use embarrassing ones? I did have a couple pictures I was trying to find but couldn’t come up with them. Maybe it is because most of the pictures I have of my littlest brother came from him in a large file of pictures. He probably weeded out a few 🙂

mother and son, birthdays, familyI will start with my favorite picture of my littlest brother and my Mom. He was born on her birthday so Happy Birthday to my Mom also.

Great grandkids, grandma Van duzor, FamilyNext we have one of the earliest pictures of the five kids in my family all together. We had been to visit my Great Grandma Van Duzor in the facility she was living at in Clarinda, Iowa. She was 87 years old. My littlest brother is in the arms of my big sister.

Can you tell it was the 70’s?

bible camp, brother, birthdayHere is my brother when he is older. It looks like this picture was taken at a Bible camp in Missouri.

graduation, brother, linn missouriHere is my brother at the reception for his High School graduation. Here you can see the traditional cake that we all had that listed our teachers through the years. I remember this day long ago.

brother, family picture, bluesI will fast forward to just a few years ago and share a picture of my littlest brother and his family. He has a wonderful wife and two wonderful kids. Even though one is a bit Shy!

Happy Birthday little brother.


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