Middle March Thoughts

The middle of March is here and a lot of things are going on.

Middlemarch, George Elliot, Covid-19 Cover StoryMiddlemarch is not about a time of year, but rather a fictitious place in the British Midlands. However, I always think about the book during this time of year.

There are some interesting days in the middle of March.

The 15th of March is ‘the Ides of March’ when Julius Caeser was assassinated. Apple Pi, 3.14, Rounded Pi Day, March 14March 14 is Pi Day.

Eastgate Clock - Chester, England - 2nd most photographed Clock - Clock Tower on BridgeMarch 14 is also the time to set back our clocks.

A History of Ireland, Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry, History, St. Patrick's DayMarch 17 is a day to celebrate Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day.

Wall Art, Four Seasons, Street Art, MuralMarch 20 will be the First Day of Spring. Of course here in California it already is starting to feel like spring.

My arm is a bit sore and I am a bit worn out from the vaccine yesterday, so time to rest.


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