A Trip to the Vaccine Clinic

Today I made a trip to Stockton to the vaccine clinic.

I was able to qualify for the vaccine based on the work that I do, not on age 🙂

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationUnfortunately the clinic close to my house is not dispensing the vaccine so I had to drive 30 miles to Stockton.

It is a good thing that I arrived in plenty of time as the line to check in was very long.

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationIt has been the longest line I have had to wait in during the pandemic, but then again I have not gone many places.

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationThere were signs to motivate us as we made out way to the check-in point.

After about 20 minutes, and at almost the exact time of my appointment, I finally made it into the clinic for my shot.

It was interesting to observe the process and hear everyone being congratulated on getting the vaccine.

I then had a 15 minute observation time and another line to wait in make my next appointment.

Then I was finally ready to head back home.

Ford fusion, bluey, rest warningOn the way home Bluey was looking out for me and gave me a Driver Alert warning me to take some rest.

The computer must have decided that since I was driving more than normal that I should get some rest.

Central valley, cloudy sky, storm cloudsThe sky on the way home was very cloudy and the clouds looked like they were full of water. It was a beautiful drive home.

As I neared home I could see the mountains that line the western edge of the Central Valley and could see snow at places along the top of the range.

If I did not have houses and buildings blocking my view to the south I would be able to see snow from my house.

Four weeks from now I will make the same trip again for the second shot. It will be interesting to see how things have changed by then.



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