January Almost Over

This month has gone quickly. I believe that it is mainly because I have been getting back into the swing of work and been very busy.

January also included an extra holiday this year, which made the month a little shorter. February will be a little different as we will have one less holiday.

I have a lot of projects underway and there always seems to be something to take care of.

ZIC, Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, California, ConstructionOne of the projects is that we will finally be getting close to moving into our new building, even though only a small amount of people are even working in our old building.

This picture was taken early last February, so most of the work done since has been inside.

Seoul, South Korea - New and Old - Palaces and Skyscrapers - January in SeoulI have been virtually all over the world this month as I work on my various projects. Even more global projects are in the offing so I can look forward to some long days.

Sydney Opera House, Australia, seagull, harbourFebruary will get off to a busy start yet again with a virtual training class in Australia. It will only be a short one though. I am looking forward to when we can physically travel again.

Storm Clouds, California, 205, Tracy, rainStaying at home and not commuting also seems to make the time in the winter go quicker as I don’t have those long drives in the dark. Altamont Pass, Moon, Full Moon, Traffic, Altamont Cross

I have been really thankful for not commuting this week as it has been very windy and wet.

The trip over the Altamont is not fun in the rain and wind and can also be very dangerous.

I am hoping we get a little break from the rain this weekend. I really need to do just a bit of yard work that needs stable ground. Will it be dry enough to get out the big ladder?

Enjoy your last weekend of January!




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