Out to Idaho

Tonight I was looking through some pictures and found some of a Model T.

The car belonged to George Ramsey who was the uncle of my Great Grandma Lottie Cochran Van Duzor.

Model T, Touring, Ford, Old Cars, Ready to Road TripHere is George standing by his car. He looks like a well dressed Iowan farmer in this picture. The family lived down in the Southwest corner of Iowa near Sydney.

Model T Touring Ford, Old Cars, Classic Fords, Model T on a FarmI do not know the details, but from the back of the pictures, I find that George and his son Earl took a trip out to Idaho in their Model T.

Model T Ford, Touring the West, Classic Car, Model T in mountainsIt looks like they had a lot of fun on the roads out West.

The Ramsey family liked the West with many of them moving out to different areas of Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this old car.




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