Unexpected Meeting

It is nice to unexpectedly think of colleagues from other countries. I was asked to step into a meeting this afternoon in which former students from Korea, China and Japan were participating in.

This of course makes me think of these countries, so will just share a few memories.

Yuyuan Garden - Night Picture at Yuyuan - ShanghaiI am remembering some wonderful trips to Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai. I have had some great food there, and also just some sightseeing.

Old Town Suzhou, Canal, River boat, ChinaI am also remembering a visit to Old Town Suzhou.

Golden Pavilion, Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan, Snowy DayI am also remembering trips to Japan like this one to Kyoto They do not often get snow at the Golden Pavilion.

I thought of this picture as some areas of California are getting rare snowfall.

Gyeongbokgung - Gyeonghoeru Pavilion - Seoul Palace Complex - Seoul South Korea - Banquet hall - Reflecting PoolI have recently been watching some Historic K-Dramas and saw Gyeonghoeru in one of the scenes. I really like watching shows set in locations where I have been.

King Sejong - Seoul, South Korea - Inventor of Korean Alphabet - Musician - Inventor - StatesmanThis statue of King Sejong also reminds me of a show I watched about the invention of the Korean alphabet.

The statue of King Sejong is just across from the American Embassy in Seoul. There is a small museum down under the large central boulevard. King Sejong was one of the greatest Korean kings and is known for inventeding Hangul, and supporting advancement in technology.

Some nice memories this afternoon, and now off to Germany and England in my memories tomorrow.


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