Soughing in the Wind

Tonight is a very noisy night with the trees soughing in 30+ mph sustained winds.

There have also been gusts up to 50 mph in the area.

Backyard Tree, Tree Trimming, Lumberjack, Yard WorkThe trees are soughing very loudly and since the wind will last overnight it may be very noisy. In fact the winds are expected to strengthen overnight and be joined by rain and maybe even some lightning closer to the coast.

spring leaves, trees, springIt is good that it is winter and that there are not a lot of leaves on the trees, otherwise it could be a bit dangerous.

tree trimming, branches, back yard, ladderIt is a good thing that I had really trimmed back one of my backyard trees a couple years ago, as it would be acting like a sail now.

tree triming, leaning tree, back yardIt will be interesting to see what my backyard looks like after tonight. Thankfully most of my fence is in pretty good shape and it should not blow around too much.

Another very noisy sound has been fighting cats. A couple of cats have been fighting over shelter from the wind.

I am just glad that I don’t have to drive in this weather. The car is safely in the garage.

I am hoping that the power does not g


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  1. nitinsingh says:

    wonderful post n smple supeb images

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