Food I Missed Last Year

As I wrote last night about not traveling, I also thought about some of the foods that I missed last year.

nando's, Peri-Peri Chicken, Sauce, CambridgeI definitely missed getting my Nando’s Fix as it would have been one of the places I would have eaten at during my canceled trip to Sydney.

Massamum Beef Curry - Go Hun Thai Food - Turmeric Curry - Australian Thai FoodI also missed having a great Massamum Beef Curry at my favorite Thai food restaurant in North Ryde, NSW.

Mixed Sashimi, Kyushu, raw fish, oystersI am sure we would have gone to Kyush Sushi in Neutral Bay and had some great sashimi.

potatoes, pork, onionsI am sure I would have made at least one trip to Germany last year if it hadn’t been for the shutdowns. I have missed my pork and potato dishes.

Ernie's Taqueria - Patterson, California - Mexican Restaurant - Carnitas - Guacamole - Rice - BeansA little closer to home, I have missed having the occasional Sunday lunch at Ernie’s Taqueria in Patterson.

Double-Double, In-N-Out, AOC Burger Challenge, FriesOr, the occasional lunch at In-N-Out when I didn’t like what they had at the cafeteria at work.

Now I am hungry and must go eat something. I had a late lunch and was going to skip dinner, but it is not possible now.

What foods are you missing?


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